About us

About Holy Sunbeam Foundation

Holy SunBeam Foundation was established in 2003, as a registered non-profit foundation (registration no. is 467/03-04/2003,under Karnataka societies registration amending act 6 of 2002) the foundation was established by the likeminded people with the objectives of promoting all activities essential for the empowerment of physical, mental, social, economical, technology and educational status of the weaker sections of the society.

Holy SunBeam Foundation will supports and strengthens the vulnerable and under privileged sections in the society irrespective of rural and urban for transforming the quality of life through technology. Foundation provides special thrust on sustainable agricultural, social, educational, economical and cultural development of the members along with empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized people in the community.

Mission & Vision


To develop new models of social development based on the philosophy of frugal innovation. we are a diverse group of different backgrounds and experiences but a common passion to make a difference.


To provide moral technical and financial supports encouragement and assistance to education, health, conservation and the arts with a direct impact within the foundations geographic zone of interest.

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